Guinness Stout and ginger cake / Dirty Ladle (
The official start of Fall this year was Sept. 22. Call it wishful thinking, but I think the city’s beginning to feel it…even if it’s just a teeny bit. We’ve been having some rain and cold mornings, but I think we are finally getting there.
  • James Lee Beer plus cake? MMMM
  • Dirty Ladle I’m not sure why we associate fall with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. I do know these are spices I enjoy all-round. It’s like Christmas in your stomach 24 hours a day!

    Gourmet released this recipe a couple years ago from Pastry Chef Claudia Fleming during her reign at Gramercy Tavern. As noted, this recipe is best eaten 1-2 days after it is baked. After a day, you can really taste the Guinness, molasses, and ginger. So don’t panic if you eat this right out of the oven and are left wondering why the cake tastes like bread! The sweetness will settle in after.